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Does the mere mention of "AGITATOR" raise your heart rate? Is your dog a BadA$$ who deserves only the best? Then yes, your fur missle needs this collar.

Designed for bite work with form & function in mind. Our "AGITATOR" collar has top of the line features! This one of a kind collar is super strong, waterproof, easy clean, military grade quick release Raptor clip, adjustable and unbelieveably attractive! It's even customizable! You can't get this innovative design anyplace else.

The genuine Raptor™ clip is aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, heavy duty military grade and made in the USA. The 2" width BioThane® is waterproof, stinkproof, 2,000lbs. tensile strength and made in the USA. We lovingly hand-craft each collar with these top of the line parts, right here in the USA. Black 2" center is standard, but 1" side connector are available in a variety of BioThane® colors. Optional handle is same color as connectors.

*Any pictured leashes, dogs or other equipment are not included.
*Works in same manner as Guardian collar shown in video. However, the Agitator is a wider, thicker collar designed for bite work.
*The main strap is a roughly .25 in. thick, stiff, BioThane material. This is not intended as an everyday collar, as it does not provide much flexibility.


1" Color (applies to connectors & handle)
    Measure around the neck area they will wear the collar.
    Don't forget to add a couple of fingers extra room so your buddy can breathe!
    Collars are adjustable within a 4" range.
    We suggest ordering the size where your dog's measurement is in the middle. (ex. Dog wears a 20", order 18-22")
    The collars are made to fit best when set toward the center measurement.
    Open the collar and slide the adjustment side to the spot where you need it. This will be a little difficult, but this is so it doesn't move at the times you don't want it to.

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