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Traditional styling with modern materials. This is a basic slip collar.

Hand-crafted with waterproof, 5/8" heavy beta BioThane™ and your color choice of strong, rust resistant hardware.
Available in your choice of any of our 21 standard colors.
Pictured in red with coyote stopper tab.


This slips over your dogs head for entry / exit. 
Use the stopper tab to adjust the collar to fit just behind the ears.
The screw on the stopper tab can be adjusted to make the tab stay snug or slide more easily.

(A training collar typically does not sit as low as a flat collar.)
To measure for the best fit:
* If your dog's head is bigger than it's neck, measure snugly around your dog's skull.
* If your dog's neck is bigger than it's skull, measure snugly around the widest point of your dog's neck.
Order a size that is big enough to fit over the measurement that you took.
If your measurement is at the top end of a collar size, we suggest ordering the next size up.
Ex., Dog measures 18" = order size "Up to 22"

Need a special size that isn't listed? Just email us.



Collar Color