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This strap is a replacement for most 3/4" e-collar receiver straps. Replace your old strap with this waterproof, easy-clean strap. Designed for improved comfort and ease of use. Choose from a variety of colors and a plastic or aluminum quick release buckle.

How to measure: Measure snugly around your dog's neck just behind the base of the skull. Order the size where the measurement you need falls toward the center. (ex. dog measures 14" so order 11-17") This gives room for adjustment up or down. *Please note that the length of the strap will measure longer than the "fit size" you are ordering. This is to account for going through the receiver.*

How to use: Remove one screw, thread the strap through your receiver, and replace screw. Place the collar around your dog's neck and slide the barrel cord lock to secure the collar on your dog. Once you have this fit to your dog, you can then use the quick release buckle for entry / exit. *Note the barrel cord lock is an intentional snug fit. This helps ensure that it stays where you need it.*


Pictured with plastic quick release. Aluminum quick release is a gunmetal color.
This sale is for one e-collar strap. This sale does not include a receiver or a dog.

3/4" E-Collar Strap - Bungee Adjustment & Quick Release

  • Crafted with 3/4" genuine BioThane. Please be sure that this is the right width for your collar receiver. We do not accept returns for incorrect sizing / fit.

    Quick Release Buckles:
    Black Plastic
    Gunmetal colored aluminum side release

    Silver Hardware:
    Nickel over brass screws
    Black Hardware:
    Powdercoat over brass screws

    Bungee cord & barrel lock are black.

    BioThane Colors / Material
    Black - matte finish
    Red - matte finish
    Orange - matte finish
    Green - shiny smooth finish
    Neon Yellow - shiny smooth finish
    Med. Blue - shiny smooth finish
    Royal Blue - shiny smooth finish
    Purple - shiny smooth finish
    Pink Dogs - shiny smooth finish
    Deer - shiny smooth finish
    Orange Camo - shiny smooth finish
    Hunting Dogs - shiny smooth finish

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