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Now you can personalize your pup's collar! Whether there's damage, or you just want a new look, you can replace your old handle. Back out the screws on the old handle, replace with the new handle, and firmly re-tighten the screws. Text field is one line with maximum 12 characters (spaces included).


This replacement handle will fit our Guardian or Watchdog collars purchased after Oct. 30, 2023. 
*Pictures may show examples installed on a collar.
​​​​​​​*This listing is for a handle only & does not include a collar.

*Tips and tricks for screw removal*
We tighten your orignial screws snugly to be sure they don't accidentally come out, so they may be quite snug! Put the screws against a silicone or grippy mat. This will help protect the surface of the screw and assist with grip to back out the screw. An electric scewdriver works best, but manual can work too. Removal usually requires a good deal of torque. Black screws tend to be more difficult to remove than silver or brass. WE SUGGEST THAT YOU TRY REMOVING THE SCREWS BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER FOR A NEW HANDLE. Remember, we do not take returns unless we have made an error crafting your current order. Material defects are rare, but also eligible for return. Stuck screws are not material defects.

PERSONALIZED (Replacement Handle / Panel)

Handle / Panel Color
  • Replacement handles are made with Standard Beta BioThane.
    Silver: Nickle over brass
    Brass: Solid brass
    Black: Black powdercoat over brass
    (4 pcs. replaces all screws, both front and rear, on handle)
    (screws fit Watchdog or Guardian models made after Oct. 30, 2023)

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