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Get your fur friend the ulti-mutt wide, tactical dog collar!
This limited edition collar has camouflauge BioThane!
We've hand-crafted this collar to be attractive AND functional, with a ton of special features!
Choose either the handle or flat panel style.

Strong, waterproof, easy clean, quick release and unbelievably attractive! The 1.5" width beta BioThane® is waterproof, stinkproof, 1,500lbs. tensile strength and made in the USA. The military style quick release clip is strong, yet easy to use.  Triangle ring for attaching ID tags. Add a reflective silver or black flag if you choose. (Flag not available on 14-18" size) We lovingly hand-craft each collar to order, right here in the USA.

*Please Note* dogs wearing collars with handles should be supervised to ensure the collar does not get caught on anything


1.5" WIDE Color
    Measure around the neck area they will wear the collar.
    Don't forget to add a couple of fingers extra room so your buddy can breathe!
    Collars have a sliding adjuster with a 4" range.
    Order the size where your dog falls toward the center.
    Ex: Dog wears an 18" collar, order the fits size 16-20"
    Slide the ajustment buckle to the place on the collar that fits your dog. This adjustment may seem a little snug, but it's necessary to keep the sizing in place once you set it.
    **Please note that the end to end measurement of your collar will measure longer than the "fit" size you order. This is to account for the thickness and width of the collar.**

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