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This Extra Long, Multi-FUNction leash is sure to become your favorite!
It's designed with hands-free, over the shoulder use in mind.
This is the same styling as our 6' Multi-FUNction leash, it's just longer! (9' or 10' length)
From everyday strolls in the park, to crowded city walks, this leash does it all!
With a heavy clip on one end and a light clip on the other, the versatility is amazing!
We've listed some suggestions for use, and are sure you will find even more.
Available in multiple colors and as always, it's strong, waterproof and easy clean!
(Check other listings for additional styles.)
**Due to scarcity of parts, heavy stainless steel snap clips are currently replaced with nickel over solid brass clips.Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Main Color
Connector Tab Colors
  • Available at this time:

    Stainless steel snap clips
    Stainless steel rings
    Nickel over brass rivets

    Solid brass clips
    Solid brass rivets
    Solid brass rings

  • This is made standard with 5/8" width, heavy Beta BioThane.
    This is a waterproof material that doesn't absorb odors and can be easily cleaned or disinfected.
    This BioThane is 1,000 lbs. tensile strength per inch.

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