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Choose from 20 bright, fun colors to match your mood, your business colors or your personality!

The strap is soft and flexible.
It will not catch & pull hair the same way many other strap styles do.
Adjustable and Easy on / Easy off.
Easy clean / disinfect and quick to dry.


Our general business is selling dog gear, but we identified a need and realized we could help!

A nurse friend complained that after wearing her mask ALL day, her ears hurt!

This apparently is a common sentiment among health care workers, first responders and the many other individuals wearing masks for long hours at a time.

So, our EAR SAVER strap was born.


No longer will you need to try to cram glasses, hearing aides, hats, hairbands AND mask straps behind your ears.

Simply place the strap behind your head and loop the ear straps of your mask under the flap of the EAR SAVER STRAP.

These are available in 3 sizes and each is adjustable.

SMALL fits 3"-5"

MEDIUM fits 5"-7"

LARGE fits 7"-10"

(measurement is usable length between holes, not end to end of the strap)



You will need a screwdriver. (not included)

Simply back out the screw and move to the hole that best suits you.



You can use regular hand soap and rinse in the sink.

BioThane manufacturer recommends one of the following to disinfect:

1. 10% bleach solution (take the bleach out of the bottle, at 6.5% active ingredient, and dilute 1 part to 9 parts water)

2. Envirocide (follow directions on bottle).

3. *Cavicide (follow directions on bottle).



The material is 5/8" Heavy Beta BioThane, a strong, thick, waterproof material with a leather-like feel.

Mud, moisture, stinky or icky things are no match for BioThane.

We use Stainless Steel / rust resistant hardware.

We seal the BioThane ends and holes for waterproof integrity.

Items are made to order and hand-made in the USA, by us, to ensure the highest quality.



  • This item is lovingly hand-made in the USA using genuine BioThane.
    Ends and holes are heat sealed to maintain waterproof integrity. Hardware is stainless steel.

    • Color Disclaimer... actual colors may appear different due to variances in screen / display settings and lighting conditions.
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