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Do you need a strong, practical solution to walk multiple dogs and carry gear too?

Our multi-dog waist walker is adjustable and can work perfectly with lightweight clothing in the summer or in the winter, with bulkier clothing. A belt adjustment sits at the rear and two fixed rings for attaching gear sit at your sides. The front boasts a strong, easy to use, quick release clip. With one small, quick motion, this safety feature allows you to quickly exit the belt in the event of an emergency. (see video) The belt comes with 4 accessory loops to attach dogs or gear. (additional accessory loops can be purchased separately)


Belt is 1" wide BLACK, Waterproof BioThane with Stainless Steel hardware.
Accessory loops come in your choice of BLACK, BLUE, GREEN or REFLECTIVE ORANGE

Only the belt and 4 accessory loops (3 with rings and 1 with a clip) are included.

Pictured collars / leashes / accessories / attachments are not included and are for ideas only.



Adjustable Multi-Dog Waist Walker Belt

Accessory Loops
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