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Does your fur friend need a WIDE COLLAR?
Our "GUARDIAN" collar has top of the line features! Super strong, waterproof, easy clean, quick release and unbelievably attractive! The genuine Raptor™ clip is aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, heavy duty and made in the USA. The 1.5" width BioThane® is waterproof, stinkproof, 1,500lbs. break strength and made in the USA. We lovingly hand-craft each collar with these top of the line parts, right here in the USA.
1" side connectors are available in choice of 16 BioThane® colors.
Handle (optional) is same color as side connectors. (unless you note otherwise)
All collars have our "gold standard" Raptor™ clip. (your choice long or short ear)
*Please note that dogs wearing collars with handles should be supervised to avoid the handle catching on anything.*


1.5" WIDE Color
1" Side Connector Color
    Measure around the neck area they will wear the collar.
    Don't forget to add a couple of fingers extra room so your buddy can breathe!
    Collars are adjustable within a 4" range.
    We suggest ordering the size where your dog's measurement is in the middle. (ex. Dog wears a 20", order 18-22")
    One side of the Raptor clip is set up with a sliding adjustment. (These are the same type sliders as on most adjustable collars.) Slide the Raptor clip to the length necessary to fit your dog.
    Short Ear Clips Only: Same as above however, there is also a sliding "lock" next to the Raptor clip. Move the slide "lock" next to the Raptor to keep everything super snug! You may find this to be a little difficult to finesse into place, but this is to ensure everything stays put once your dog is wearing it. 

    **Please note that the measured length of the collar will be longer than the "fits size" you order. This is a wide and thick collar, which fits differently than thinner collars. Please order the size you need it to FIT.**

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