Does your fur friend assist in making America a great place?
Our "GUARDIAN of AMERICA" collar has top of the line features!
Shhhhh, it's for secret superheroes.
Built like our Guardian collar, but with limited edition parts.
Super strong, waterproof, easy clean, quick release and unbelievably attractive!
The genuine Raptor™ clip is aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, heavy duty and made in the USA.
The 1.5" width BioThane® is waterproof, stinkproof, 1,500lbs. break strength and made in the USA.
Reflective red BioThane® helps you keep track of your American hero at night.
Finished with silver hardware and silver tone stars.
We lovingly hand-craft each collar with these top of the line parts, right here in the USA.


    Measure around the neck area they will wear the collar.
    Don't forget to add a couple of fingers extra room so your buddy can breathe!
    Collars are adjustable within a 2" range.
    Adjustments are in 1/2" increments.
    We suggest ordering the size where your dog's measurement is in the middle. (ex. Dog wears a 20", order 19-21")
    On the side with adjustment holes...
    Back out the Chicago Screws and adjust to desired length.
    Firmly re-tighten the screws in your chosen holes.