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Proudly show your Christmas Spirit with this fun & safety minded, Christmas collar.

The red side has a reflective stripe & the green side has silver tone stars.

Treat your elf... and your dog!


Crafted with waterproof BioThane and stainless steel / rust resistant buckles, rings & rivets.
*The silver colored stars are Zinc Metal Alloy+Alloy(Cadmium Free) and are riveted on.
*The star rivets may show rust with prolonged exposure to water.
*We do not recommend collars with stars or rhinestones for beach or frequent swimming / water exposure.
A fun and vibrant collar capabale of withstanding the outdoor winter wonderland.


As always, made with waterproof and stink proof genuine BioThane.
*Not available in Tiny 11"-13" size.


SKU: Christmas Spirit
  • This item is lovingly hand-made in the USA using genuine BioThane.
    This collar is waterproof & stinkproof. Ends are heat sealed to maintain waterproof integrity. Buckles, loops and tucks are a durable stainless steel.

    We do not recommend this for use in tie out application or for walking dogs who pull excessively.