Live life like a superhero in this fun, Captain America themed paracord over a blue BioThane collar.

Strong & flexible!

WIDE = approx. 1.5" width and is crafted over 1" wide BioThane
THIN = approx. 1" width and is crafted over 5/8" wide BioThane

*Product pictured is WIDE

Captain America over Blue

  • This item is lovingly hand-made in the USA using genuine BioThane and 550 paracord. Buckles, loops and tucks are rust resistant, durable stainless steel.

    The inner Biothane collar is waterproof, but the paracord is not waterproof.
    This can be gently hand washed with mild soap if necessary. Hang to dry.

    We do not recommend this for use in tie out application or for walking dogs who pull excessively.