Sometimes you just want to free up your hands. This over the shoulder lead gives you options like dog trainers have. It's SUPER adjustable for any situation!

We've shown a few suggestions for use in the pictures, but be creative and we're sure you will find more!
*over the shoulder

*around the waist
*8' lead

*clip in half or clip multiple times for a shorter lead


This leash measures 8' long and has a claw clip on each end. There are 2 fixed Dee rings, one near the clip, on the dog end, and the other at the handle. Use these for adjustablility and creatively shortening the lead to your perfect length. There is an o-ring at the center of the leash. This is great for over the shoulder use, or anything else you can think of. The claw clip can also be placed directly around any part of the leash for further flexibility. This design has so many adjustments you'll have all your needs covered, with one leash! The half that goes around your body measures approx. 4' long. If you need different dimensions, please contact us.


Also available in your choice of any of our 20 standard colors.
Hand-crafted with 5/8" heavy beta BioThane™ and strong, rust resistant / stainless steel hardware.

Pictured collar sold separately.
Email if you would prefer different hardware / clips.

BLACK 8'Over the Shoulder Leash

  • This item is lovingly hand-made in the USA using genuine BioThane.
    This leash is waterproof & stinkproof. Ends are heat sealed to maintain waterproof integrity. Hardware is rust resistant / durable stainless steel. All leashes are made in 5/8" width unless otherwise specified.


    • Color Disclaimer... actual colors may appear different due to variances in screen / display settings and lighting conditions.
    • Lighter colors such as yellow or pink may show dye from other materials they come in contact with.